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About James Sherman

Get Gold-Standard Krav Maga Training
from Israeli-Certified Master Trainer James Sherman

Appointed as Tel-Aviv University’s Managing Director of Martial Arts and Personal Training Courses in New York,
Tel-Avi University will offer online certification courses in Martial Arts and Personal
training in Spring 2013.

Assistant Instructor, Instructor, and Master Instructor Courses and Certifications
will be offered in the following trainings:
• Mixed Martial Arts
• Krav Maga
• Karate
• Muay Thai
• Jiu Jitsu
• Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
• And more…

In addition, personal training courses and certifications will be offered, including
yoga, Pilates, and strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, weight loss, and
James Sherman’s signature 10 Minute Health and Wellness System.

James Sherman is five-times certified in Israel by Haim Gidon, Chairman of the
Israeli Krav Maga Association, Managing Director for Protect-Israeli Security
Solutions, and by Itay Gil, General Director of Intelligence, Counter Terrorism &
Homeland Security, Magid Hebrew University.

James has trained over 4000 New Yorkers in Krav Maga as well as his 10 Minute Health & Wellness System.  After training John Mayer in Krav Maga, the singer-songwriter was recognized on the list of All Time Extreme Celebrity Makeovers. His workout programs get results quickly.

A life-long competitive athlete, James has combined his Krav Maga expertise and diverse fitness background to create The 10 Minute Health & Wellness System to help clients get into the best shape of their lives. 

James grew up in Vermont where he played more than 10 different sports, including skiing, Division 1 Champion football (Rutland & MSJ), and competitive bodybuilding, Teen Vermont. At Boston University, James played linebacker with current NFL coaches Dave DeGuglielmo and Tony Sparano. He was a New York Sevens Rugby Champion in 1991. 

At 35, James won the David Barton trainer Olympics, and personal best squat 610 lbs. James averaged 10 miles per day through the streets of Manhattan and has snowboarded through the East Coast peaks and the Western Rockies. 

In November 2012, James published his first book, A Real World Martial Arts Guide, through Benchmark Publishing Group. 

Visit his online schedule to book a workout or contact him for more information.

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